A BIM example

Not wanting to be criticised for being to theoretical, this video was made directly from a 3d model, from where i also extracted all the technical drawings and numerical data.

It is an entry for a design competition over a elementary school in Seia, Portugal.

It represents about 3 weeks of intensive work, one person.


Anonymous said...

Nice work
1 What software did you use for the animation
2 How was the time split (texturing v setting up the paths v rendering etc)
3 What is the music?


Miguel Krippahl said...

Archicad for modelation, Artlantis Studio for animation.

Texturing: half an hour top's - using "postcard" ability in Artlantis.

Light and path settings: about 5 minutes for each clip.

Rendering: from 15 to 25 hours for each clip, 3 weeks in all (mostly night batch rendering).

Adriana Calcanhoto, 8 anos.

You are wellcome.

RobiNZ said...

Have a look at Exactal Costx


Bit more than a dialog but it's combining Q/S and BIM to cost from the model or DWF/dwg

Miguel Krippahl said...


Close but no cigar.
Still, it´s pretty impressive.

Anonymous said...

Hello Hombre
mue beno trabajo
Thanx man
Really a good job

J said...

Nice to see some of your work. Have you looked into Revit and it's quantity takeoffs and costing capabilities. I am no 'company man' but since Autodesk coined the term "BIM" to describe Revit, it is naturally the only solution (at least at this time) that satisfies all things BIM.

Miguel Krippahl said...



I have been monitoring Revit's progress quite closely. It has great potential, but it also has a number of things that I dislike.

That is not to say that I would not change software, if i saw there was an advantage in it.

To say that Revit is the best BIM software only on Autodesk coining the term is a non sequitur.

Still, Revit has been great for us ArchiCAD users (and vice versa) because it forces Graphisoft - now Nemetschek - to put an extra effort into R&D.

Anonymous said...

Great job, Miguel!

BTW - to clear the history - BIM was coined by Autodesk, and thanks to its marketing prowess, was accepted by Bentley, and all the others. Graphisoft produces the original BIM - in the original terminology Virtual Building - software, known as Archicad, for almost 25 years (will be early June).

Never believe all you read on the Web ;)