A smart move

I have been following Laura´s (BIM)x blog since the beginning.

She has been reporting on the implementation of BIM in a big construction company (Tocci).

Her blog has been very instructive, and was probably one of the main reasons I got interested in BIM for construction purposes.

Her most recent post refers to the (apparently unsurmountable) difficulties they have been experiencing over the implementation of Revit in this context.

They will now try out Graphisoft/Vico and Bentley, to see if these products can do what they need.

One of two things will happen: Either there is a better software out there, and Tocci lost some thousands of hours of work because they just let themselves be led by the vendor´s hype, or there exists no software to implement BIM on the construction level.

Either way, the outcome will be most interesting, and my fervent hope is that Laura continues to generously share her experience with us.

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