Have to read those two

Two fundamental papers for understanding BIM and the way it is going:

"The National Building Information Model Standard™ (NBIMS) is a key element to building industry transformation. NBIMS establishes standard definitions for building information exchanges to support critical business contexts using standard semantics and ontologies. Implemented in software, the Standard will form the basis for the accurate and efficient communication and commerce that are needed by the building industry and essential to industry transformations. Among other benefits, the Standard will help all participants in facilities-related processes achieve more reliable outcomes from commercial agreements."

Another essential paper is the Integrated Project Delivery Guide, by the AIA.

" Integrated Project Delivery leverages early contributions of knowledge and expertise through the utilization of new technologies, allowing all team members to better realize their highest potentials while expanding the value they provide throughout the project lifecycle.
This Integrated Project Delivery Guide (jointly developed by AIA’s Contract Documents Committee and the AIA California Council) is offered as a tool to assist owners, designers and builders to move toward integrated models and improved design, construction and operations processes. The goal of the Guide is to identify the characteristics of IPD and to provide specific information and guidance on how to utilize IPD methods to achieve enhanced design, construction and operations processes."

Lots of good stuff here...

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